Replacing the Fuel Filter

1. Locate the fuel filter

Fairly simple, the filter is attached to the passenger side firewall under the battery and window washer fluid tank.

2. Depressurize the fuel lines

The recommended way to depressurize the lines is to disconnect the wiring harness to the fuel pump.  The harness is on the fuel pump under the removable plate under your spare tire in the trunk.  It's the black wiring, below the blue overflow valve in the picture below.  Start the car and wait for it to die, about 5 seconds.

3. Fuel Filter access

Make sure you know the security code to your radio if you're using it (you'll have the battery out for awhile).  Now be ready to lose some skin off your knuckles.  Make sure you have a closed-end wrench to for the bolts on the either end of the filter.  Also, you'll need a good long wrench if yours was anything like mine when I changed it a few months ago. Note on removal:  the FSM says to disconnect the "U" shaped pipe that turns the fuel line around when it leaves the filter (toward the front of the car) and heads back toward the main fuel line.  I could not loosen that fitting for the life of me.  I ended up removing the bottom bolt on the fuel filter without removing the pipe, just had to be careful not to lose the gaskets.  You'll know what I'm talking about once you get in there and take a look.

4. Installing the new

Just work backwards putting the new one in.  Don't forget the gaskets, my new filter came with new ones though. Good Luck

5. Cheat Sheet