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K&N FIPK Air Filter Installation
Normal cost for a K&N is around $145. This includes the FIPK Filter, mounting horn, two brackets for mounting with long screws, a filter recharger cleaning kit and a band clamp for attaching the filter to the MAS (Mass Air Sensor) assembly.
  1. Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery.
  2. Unplug the Mas (Mass air flow sensor) as shown to the left.
  3. Remove the hose clamp that connects the mas to the intake 
  4. Next remove the upper part of the stock air box by releasing the clamps on the four corners 
  1. Remove the lower portion of the stock air box. you should find 2 10mm bolts and one nut
  2. be sure to remove the snorkel that is under the fusebox. 
Remove the upper portion of the air box from the mas by removing the 4 screws shown here. Be careful to not damage the honeycomb portion of the mas
This it what the mas should look like when the air box is completly removed. 
There are two "L" clamps that will support the air filter when installed. They are bent to match the body. 

Connect the ring and the "L" brackets to the mas. 

Reinstall the mas into the car as shown. Bolt the "L" braces to the body with the supplied bolts.

Connect the K&N filter to the mas. If the supplied hose clamp is too small (mine was) go to your local hardware store and get a 5" heating duct clamp

Reconnect the mas to the wiring harness. Reconnect the battery cable. 

Now you're basically done. 

The car will have to re-learn several things to run properly. So start it and let it run for 10 minutes or so. 

Written by Alan Sheffield
Photos by John Raicu