Transmission Fluid Change

Instructions by Ed Fei

 Get the shop manual. It helps a lot for simple maintenance and repair questions.

Twelve step program to change your tranny fluid:

1. Get under the car, using good jack stands or a lift. Do NOT use a jack without stands, it isn't safe. If you use jack stands, I recommend using four to keep the car level while you are filling it - if the car is tilted, you may not get the correct amount of fluid into the tranny.

2. Locate transmission drain plug.

3. Locate transmission fill plug.

4. Get appropriately sized wrench for said plugs.

5. Loosen fill plug (why do this first? Well, if you get the drain plug out, but the fill plug is frozen, you're SOL 'cause you can't drive the car to the shop to fix it, since there's no way to fill the tranny...)

6. Remove drain plug, catching old oil in a drain pan.

7. Remove fill plug.

8. Replace drain plug. Tighten snugly.

9. Using grease gun, fill transmission with Redline MT-90 (or other 75W90 synthetic GL-4 transmission fluid) until fluid weeps out of fill hole (i.e. fluid is level with bottom of fill hole).

10. Replace fill plug. Tighten snugly.

11. Get out from under car and lower it.

12. Pour the old oil into a container for transport, and take it to a service center for appropriate disposal / recycling (most regions blend used motor oil into new asphalt).